Time Traveling To 1948 | TTT Podcast Ep. 191

The Triple T podcast hosts discuss the year 1948, covering topics such as music, inventions, and historical events. They explore the impact of the 33 and a third RPM record, the strike by the American Federation of Musicians, and the concept of race records. The conversation also delves into the resurgence of vinyl records and the significance of Mendelssohn's Concerto in E minor as the first song played on an album in 1948. The conversation covers a wide range of topics related to the year 1948, including public domain, music, inventions, famous people, fast food, and fashion. The hosts discuss the significance of 1948 in various aspects of culture and history, providing insights and humorous commentary along the way. The conversation covers a wide range of topics, including the history of curling irons, top-grossing movies of 1948, and the idea of watching and discussing a movie from a specific year. The hosts also touch on the impact of global warming and the concept of selecting a random year for discussion. The conversation is filled with humor and banter, making it an engaging and entertaining listen.


  • The 33 and a third RPM record revolutionized the music industry in 1948, marking a significant advancement in audio technology.
  • The strike by the American Federation of Musicians in 1948 had a profound impact on the recording industry, leading to changes in royalty payments and recording contracts.
  • The concept of race records in the early 20th century highlighted the segregation and discrimination in the music industry, reflecting the challenges faced by African American musicians.
  • The resurgence of vinyl records in the modern era reflects a renewed interest in analog audio and a nostalgic appreciation for physical music media. The significance of 1948 in various cultural and historical contexts
  • The impact of inventions and music from 1948 on modern culture
  • The evolution of fast food and fashion in 1948
  • Humorous and insightful commentary on historical and cultural topics Exploration of the history of curling irons and their invention
  • Insight into the top-grossing movies of 1948 and their significance
  • Discussion about the impact of global warming and the idea of selecting a random year for movie discussion
  • Engaging banter and humor between the hosts, making the conversation entertaining

TTT Podcast Episode 191 Quotes

  • "Holy shit. 1948 sure looks weird."
  • "In case you were wondering how bad Ohio stinks, that fact didn't even show up in my research."
  • "The music that starts hitting the airwaves is rough."
  • "Before you press play, I want you all to close your eyes. You've never heard an LP before, right? You've never heard a record. Now close your eyes, take yourself back."
  • "Dude, everybody in that hotel lobby, or I guess that's what it is, it was in a hotel. That's where they debuted this thing. Everybody in this hotel collectively got a boner."
  • "No, I mean, one of the songs was called Manana by Peggy Lee. This bitch hits you with a Spanish accent and everything. I watched the official video for it. She's. Oh, she's acting like she's a stereotypical Mexican. It's super racist, dude."
  • "Who would have thought three dudes just sitting around talking about curling irons on a history podcast. You're welcome, Triple T fans."
  • "Yo! Her head fell off. Yeah."
  • "You okay?"

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