The Escape From Alcatraz Cold Case | Yore Town Podcast Ep. 65

The conversation discusses the story of the escape from Alcatraz, focusing on the three inmates who vanished into the San Francisco Bay in 1962. The conversation explores the planning and execution of the escape, as well as the mystery surrounding the fate of the escapees. The authenticity of a letter received in 2013, claiming to be from one of the escapees, is also discussed. The conversation ends with speculation about whether the escapees survived and the ongoing investigation by the US Marshals.

Alcatraz was once considered inescapable, but three inmates managed to vanish into the San Francisco Bay in 1962.
The escapees meticulously planned their escape, using improvised tools and exploiting the flaws in Alcatraz's security.
The fate of the escapees remains a mystery, with no conclusive evidence of their survival or demise.
The US Marshals continue to investigate the case and will pursue it until the escapees are confirmed dead or reach 99 years old.

Sound Bites

  • "The escape from Alcatraz story"
  • "A letter prompting the FBI to reopen the case"
  • "The lights go out, the escape begins"