50,000 Year Old Bison Strew & The AI Revolution | Stay Outta My Fridge Ep. 247

50,000 Year Old Bison Strew & The AI Revolution Check Out Our Friends of the Show! Milwaukee Pretzels: https://www.milwaukeepretzel.com/ Vermont Flannel Company: https://vermontflannel.com/beardlaws Highest Peak NY: https://highestpeakny.com/ In this conversation, Beard Laws and Brandon J McDermott discuss various topics, including parenting, AI-generated music, and the future of radio. They share their experiences with cleaning up after sick kids, using AI music creation tools, and the importance of staying current in the radio industry. They also talk about their favorite podcasts and the decline of some podcasts due to lack of passion. The conversation highlights the need for content creators to adapt to new technologies and platforms. In this conversation, Brandon and Beard Laws discuss the use of AI in music creation and the potential impact on the music industry. They explore how AI can generate songs based on specific prompts and how it can be used to create jingles and background music. They also touch on the ethical implications of AI-generated music and the potential for AI to create its own language. The conversation concludes with a lighthearted discussion about hot dog eating contests and other food challenges.

Episode 247 Key Points Cleaning up after sick kids is a challenging aspect of parenting. AI music creation tools can be addictive and offer creative possibilities. The radio industry needs to embrace new technologies and platforms to stay relevant. Passion is crucial for creating high-quality content. Podcasts may decline if creators lose interest or fail to adapt. Social media platforms are becoming more cautious about AI-generated content. Thirsty Thursday, a segment featuring local breweries, is a popular addition to the radio show. AI can be used to generate songs based on specific prompts, making it easier and more affordable for individuals to create music. The use of AI in music creation raises ethical questions about the role of human creativity and the potential loss of jobs in the music industry. AI has the potential to create its own language, which raises concerns about the accuracy and reliability of information generated by AI. Hot dog eating contests and other food challenges can be fun and entertaining, but they can also have negative health effects and should be approached with caution.

Episode 247 Quotes "I have, I'm a weak stomach kind of guy." "Mm hmm. Do you find that it evolves into something better eventually?" "Sheesh! There's moms on this app. Easy." "I took a verse of the rap that I created and I threw it in there and I said make it rap. Specific. And you know, make it comedic and stuff like that." "AI is a fucking steam fucking train coming down locomotive coming down the tracks and you better be ready or you're gonna get hit." "The problem is, is how do you teach AI to understand what is truth and what isn't? What is conspiracy theory and what isn't?"

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