Lights Out and Sweet Screams | The TTT Podcast Ep. 189

In this conversation, Beard Laws and Gute discuss various topics including podcasting, power outages, freeze-dried food, prom experiences, and horror movies. They reflect on the challenges and joys of podcasting, the importance of having a day job, and the unpredictability of social media platforms. They also share their experiences with power outages and discuss the potential chaos that could ensue if the power grid were to fail. The conversation then shifts to prom experiences, with Beard Laws recalling a small, low-key prom and Gute sharing his extravagant senior prom. They end the conversation by discussing their love for horror movies and the upcoming Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios. In this conversation, Beard Laws and Gute discuss various topics, including horror movies, vinyl records, shipping mishaps, and baby names. They also mention their upcoming projects and the challenges of being dads. The conversation is light-hearted and filled with humor.

Episode Takeaways
Podcasting can be challenging but rewarding, and it's important to find your own voice and style.
Power outages can be disruptive and highlight the importance of having backup plans and resources.
Freeze-dried food can be a practical and long-lasting option for emergency preparedness.
Prom experiences can vary widely, from small and low-key events to extravagant celebrations.
Horror movies can be a fun and thrilling genre to explore and discuss. Horror movies have stood the test of time and continue to be enjoyed by both kids and adults.
Collecting vinyl records and organizing them can be a rewarding hobby.
Shipping mishaps can lead to unexpected surprises, like a cat being shipped in a box.
Choosing a baby name can be a challenging task, considering potential teasing and meanings.
Being a dad comes with its own set of challenges and responsibilities.

Episode Quotes
"Forget that nine to five, pursue your passion."
"Fucking power outage. I know."
"I've been trained so I can take what I want and what I need."
"Do you think they'll do it this year? Do you think they'll do a blow like a big one in five years? Or both?"
"I've slowly introduced them to the old stuff, like Nosferatu, the silent movies, and like they're… They're a little diverse, they've seen Dracula, the werewolf man, you know, the mummy, the creature from the back lagoon, that's my favorite. But, uh, I fucking love it."
"He did a song for that and she loves it. She knows every word. And I'm like, ah, cool. And I was like, I looked at my daughter. I'm like, you ever seen Aladdin? Nope. I'm like, ah, you haven't seen so many Disney movies. That's not me. My bad kid."