The Father’s Day Bank Massacre | Yore Town Podcast Ep. 63

On this episode, Beard Laws and Meg discuss the Father's Day bank massacre that took place in Denver, Colorado in 1991. The tragic event involved a man posing as a bank vice president who gained entry to the bank and proceeded to murder four security guards. The motive behind the crime remains unknown, and the case remains unsolved. The conversation also touches on the history of Father's Day and its connection to a coal mine disaster. Overall, the episode explores the details of the bank massacre and the subsequent investigation. Episode Highlights The Father's Day bank massacre in Denver, Colorado in 1991 was a tragic event that left four security guards dead. The motive behind the crime remains unknown, and the case remains unsolved. The investigation focused on two suspects, a retired police officer and a former bank guard, but both were acquitted. The surviving bank employees described the assailant as a man in his late 50s or 60s wearing a gray sport coat, white shirt, multicolor necktie, blue or gray slacks, a brown fedora, and mirrored sunglasses. The crime left a lasting impact on the community and is considered a cold case. Episode Quotes "Apparently they didn't listen very well about closing their eyes and getting down to the ground. If somebody tells me that, I'm closing my damn eyes." "Investigators were puzzled by the robber's decision to not only take around $200,000, a small fraction of over $2 million available that was in the cash room and the vault." "FBI agents William McMath and Charles Evans testified that when they went to investigate Yocum's apartment, they found a closet door secured with handcuffs. Inside the closet, they found .38 caliber and .357 caliber ammunition, as well as a police scanner and speed loaders, batons, replicas of badges of several police organizations and dummy grenades." Check out all the podcast on the Beard Laws Studio: Check out the interactive map at

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