The Robert Durst Serial Killer Saga | Yore Town Podcast Ep. 62

In this episode of the Yore Town Podcast Matt and Megh discuss the life and crimes of Robert Durst, a notorious figure involved in multiple disappearances and murders. The conversation covers Durst's upbringing, his troubled family dynamics, and his ventures into entrepreneurship. The primary focus is on the disappearances of Kathleen McCormack Durst and Susan Berman, both of which Durst was suspected of being involved in. The episode also touches on other potential cases linked to Durst. The conversation provides a comprehensive overview of Durst's life and the enduring mysteries surrounding his actions. Keywords Episode Highlights Robert Durst was a notorious figure involved in multiple disappearances and murders The disappearances of Kathleen McCormack Durst and Susan Berman are the primary focus of the conversation Durst's troubled family dynamics and his ventures into entrepreneurship are discussed There are potential links between Durst and other unsolved cases Episode Quotes "We did it. I don't have to wonder if it works anymore. We got this down." "Who is Robert Durst? Well, he entered the world in New York City, April 12th, 1943" "With his demise, this figure who had long been shrouded in mystery and suspicion, left behind a legacy marked by unanswered questions and unresolved cases." Check out all the podcast on the Beard Laws Studio: Check out the interactive map at Chapters 00:00 Introduction and Overview 09:01 The Background of Robert Durst Yore Town Podcast is a podcast that features your towns dark, wild, unbelievable past that has you thinking no way that really happened here. Matt and Zac dust off the books, hit the streets and an occasional nursing home to unveil Yore Town’s past. From small towns to where we live to big cities before they were what they are today. This is Yore Town, Yore Stories

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